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Blossor, our unique real estate search site, is unlike any other real estate search engine. Consumers aren’t considered leads – they are welcome to search for properties or home improvement ideas without having to register. Using intuitive long-tail searches, users can zero in on exactly what they’re looking for, then share their finds on social media.

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What makes Blossor better?

Blossor gives you the freedom to explore and discover the best in real estate with smart search tools, no annoying ads or unwanted pressure from agents, and the ability to save and share your favorite listings.

  • Blossor’s smart search allows you to predictively type sentences that lead to accurate search results
  • Blossor is designed to be a safe place for consumers to search, dream, and explore, so there are no advertisements or leads without user permission
  • With a user dashboard to organize your thoughts and dreams, Blossor is both a powerful tool for serious homebuyers and sellers and a fun interactive place for the dreamers and decorators

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